Welcome to Little Bubbles Co.

Part of the Rudd Events family

Little Bubbles Co. is a 1993 Piaggio Ape beautifully transformed into an exquisite van full of bubbles, perfect for any occasion. What it lacks in size it makes up for in attitude. This Italian beauty now calls Norfolk its home.

For anything from wedding reception drinks to food fairs and festivals, our tiny little friend can fit into almost any space, inside or out. It’s so small it even gets transported inside another van!

Straight from a barrel into your glass, our bubbly is always served to the right temperature, just as it should be, and with two taps there is always the option of Bubbles on one and Lager on the other, keeping everyone happy!

If you are looking for something unique on your special day, look no further than Little Bubbles Co!

Why do we say bubbles and not Prosecco?

Firstly, the product we use is made from 100% Prosecco/Glera grape and is produced in the Veneto region. It is in fact the exact same product as you would find in the brands 75cl bottles. But, it has been stipulated that ONLY 75cl bottles of Prosecco may be called Prosecco, therefore the sparkling wine inside the 20 litre kegs we use may not be referred to by this name. This distinction doesn’t have any influence on the quality of the sparkling wine inside the kegs.